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Author: Martin

There is something about dreams

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There is something about dreams.

#moving to dreamvalley

I am sitting in the rocking chair next to the fire, a candle lights the room. A cup of tea steams beside me. I hear a horse snort outside and one of the cats is purrs on my legs.

In this moment I notice myself diving into the biggest adventure of my young life.

There is something about dreams.

Some of them come true.

Some of them do different than you expect.

Some never do.

And then there are those dreams that appear in your life before you could even build a longing towards them – maybe these are the ones who are meant to be lived.

This story is about my dream that came true before I could even dream of it. This is about a dream that draws its pictures as I live it.

A dream handed over to me and building a bridge between two generations. Even two worlds.

Dreamvalley has been built up by wonderful artist Tina Mareen Buddeberg. Who created a place and spirit that changed many peoples lives and takes me on a journey of living out my own dreams.

This is the first video of my one year series #movingtodreamvalley in which you can come with me into my moving to the former art farm Dreamvalley, honoring Tinas lifework, realizing my own dreams and tuning into my new life with six horses, two cats and the magical spirit surrounding this remote place near the Rondane National Park of Norway.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the way.

Because there is something about dreams who want to be lived …

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