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How it all began

Dreamvalley was born as a living piece of art.

The next chapter

When Tina asked me in her last summer, if I want to take over Dreamvalley and her beloved horses, I felt overwhelmed. And at the same time there was this voice inside of me that took me by the hand and lead me straight into an adventure. 

At the moment I first set my foot onto the bridge to Dreamvalley in 2018, I felt like coming home.

And in march 2021 – three years later – this time without Tina, I moved here and found myself in the big woven story of a woman’s life and her dreams.

Dreamvalley has become my home and project for now. To create a living retreat place and as an experiment of following my own way of education.

I am here to build a bridge between animals, humans and nature. To connect worlds and to create Dreamvalley as the next generation. So we may always remember the nature we come from.

It started as an artists story

Dreamvalley at first has been built up and created as a relational living piece of art by the artist Tina Mareen Buddeberg.

Since 2009 Dreamvalley is located on the remote farm called Nordre Finstad in the beautiful area around the Rondane National Park of Norway.

Tina has left this world on the 27 of November 2020, remaining as a story in many people’s hearts. Leaving behind a characteristic story and the base of a place I build on by taking over the herd and houses of  Dreamvalley.

Tina’s Dreamvalley was the outcome of a long story.  She described her message in the following way:

“In my work I reflect on the question if art can change our view of nature, our ecological values and eventually our lifestyles. Next to commission works, exhibitions and teaching at different art schools, I understand Dreamvalley itself as my most distinctive project. Interaction and relations between people, animals and nature are the core around which I develop my artistic language and this place. The project is carried by a critical position towards the anthropocentric world view and the seperational attitude of humans superior to nature, causing enormous ecological and climatic damages. I believe that change can only happen from within and through experiencing alternative values such as interbeing, stillness, slowness, and timelessness. This is why Dreamvalley as an relational artwork invites everybody to participate in their very own way. We learn a more sensitive and clear perception through being with horses and doing visual art, we experience the meaning of community through joint activities in nature, cooking or sitting around the campfire, we focus on our body through yoga and meditation, and we enjoy good vegan food. In addition to these everyday activites I arrange seminars, artistic events, courses and exhibitions with themes relevant to the project. Artists are invited for an artist-in-residence program ‘Dreamvalley life’, and I regularly hold artists talks at different institutions. In all these ways Dreamvalley questions the prevalent cultural habits of our times and encourages people to follow their own dreams and contribute positively to the world.”

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The heart of Dreamvalley is our herd of horses and the pulse a group of people creating together.

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