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Our team

Every dream is living of a creative heart

We are a young team of creators connected to this place.  Our mission is to explore a good way of living our dreams and have an unforgettable time in nature!

Vivienne Amrein

farm & management

Leader of Dreamvalley, knitting enthusiast and horsewoman.

Anna Guyer

Climbing teacher and coach

Lisalotte Van Os

storyteller text and visuals

Lisa is a remote freelance storyteller in visuals and words, for a better world. She provides the Dreamvalley social media channels with videos, photos and texts. Originally from the Netherlands, every winter she spends several months here in Dreamvalley. Her heart is at the ocean, so the rest of the year you will find her surfing in a little fishermen town by the Portugese coast.

Via this link you can find her You Tube videos, Instagram and writing services.

Henrike Kelsch

illustration & videography

Henrike captures and paints unique moments and the spirit of Dreamvalley with an eye for details and a heart for nature’s diversity.

meet the horses

The heart of Dreamvalley is my herd of six horses. They take us right into their world and structure the daily Dreamvalley life purpose and routine.

Horses are nature in her purest form

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Feel free to contact me.
I will get back to you as soon as I can!