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Work With Me

I got the nature you need

It’s not a goal to reach. Its a life to live.

And I am here to inspire your way into it.

In my research

we leave the prescribed way of success and follow intuition. We leave the known path and set out for an adventure. We return to a deep human connection with nature. Feel whole and alive. At the right place. Still more questions than answers. But freedom inside.

How I work

Simple down.

Go where your resistances are.

And take your inner voice at least as serious as anything you are told.

for you are so much more than what you know.

Work with me in person

1:1 Mentoring. The essence of my research & education on how we reconnect with intuition and make our dreams become real. My knowledge for your process in this mentoring.

my reason

Who am I here for

People searching their way in this world. Struggling with our system and being confused and tired of the never-ending running for a goal we are not even sure if it’s worth it.

I am young, but my journey takes me deep and raw. Makes me grow faster than it feels comfortable and shows me parts of life that make me feel like coming home.

I am collecting knowledge and training abilities and most of all I am unlearning concepts and structures I have been given. To be able to live my dream.

My biggest passion is to share my knowledge and provide a space for you to reconnect with what you need to make your own dream come true.

People searching for another way of living. I am here for you when you feel overloaded. When you want to come back to your physical abilities to create the life you wish for. When you have a dream but feel like running against a wall or lost in the woods while wanting to make it real.
Then I am here for you.
Let’s meet at Dreamvalley. Chop wood, take a swim in the ice cold river, run barefoot with the horses and remember what we really came here for.

It can be so simple

Join me at Dreamvalley

This is the place I have been looking for when I have left school and today it is the retreat center where you get to make a unique experience – living & working on a creative horse farm and focusing on personal development and establishing skills to make your own dream come true.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me any time.
I will get back to you as soon as I can!