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Live events 2022

Wild Women Retreat

07. – 13. august

Maybe the real revolution is not a wild but a rested woman.

– Elizabeth Gilbert

one week to reconnect with your inner self and recharge in nature

We invite you to have an unforgettable experience at a unique place. Free your senses, clear your mind and return to the essentials.

Structure of our retreat

Staying at Dreamvalley itself is an experience – by following a simple daily routine we create a safe space to feel free in our bodies and nature. 

Explore the slow way of living. Rest.
Arrive and grow.
Be the woman who remembers her receptive nature.
Share fears from your heart. Feel connected.
And be the woman you want other women to be inspired by.
  • Miracle Morning

    in silence we start our day. movement. meditation. swim. rise. soulfood.

  • First Session

    female topics in modern society.

  • Second Session

    explore. feel. dance. live. express.

  • Slow Evening

    yoga. journaling. nature time.

We aim to teach a feminine yoga practice where you can move freely and reconnect to your feminine flow. 
Naturally women love to move their bodies in  slow, fluid and sensual ways, reflecting their physical curves and cyclical nature. 
There will be plenty of time for dancing, resting, reading and journaling.

About us

Runa-Sophia & Vivienne

Runa-Sophia is an experienced yoga student & teacher. Vivienne is passioned to gather people for self development in nature. Together we guide you through this experience.


Laura’s delicious food creations make our days nourishing and healthily balanced.


Henrike accompanies us with her skills in filming and photography to capture the spirit of the moment.

Food & Accommodation

The food is simple, vegan and mainly made out of non-processed ingredients.
The accommodation is close to nature in one of our yurts.

Wild Women Retreat

  • Date :

    07. august – 13. august

  • Cost :

    7’770 NOK incl. food & accommodation

  • Value :

    slow down, reconnect with yourself, thrive together

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us any time.
We will get back to you as soon as we can!