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I am here for a modern way of human being

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I am researching on human nature –
to live a good life in a vastly changing world.

My name is

And my life became an adventure as I decided to skip ordinary studies at university and followed a calling of my heart and an opportunity given to me by a friend. So I left my home country Switzerland to live my life with a herd of horses up north where I today create the place I would have wished to find when I left school.


Because I want to create a place where we can learn about life what school didn’t teach us.

I am here to explore, experience and inspire a modern way of education.

As a spiritual, nature connected and embodied human being.

For all the the dreams we pushed away because we did not believe they were possible, I want to ask: WHAT IF …?
my background

About Me

I have always been talking to animals and plants like they were friends. I have always been closer to my soul purpose than to anything that was expected from me. And I have always been a free spirit following the beating of my heart into the unknown.

But dear, I forgot about all of that. At school I forgot. About what I was here for. About who I was. About what it really is about. I forgot. Instead I gave my best to fit in and to confirm. To do what I was told and to find the place of fewest resistance.
But something was missing.

My head was full, my mind was busy and I could hardly hear my inner voice calling.
Something was missing.

I spent as much time as possible with horses. Riding, doing the stables, sitting and just watching them for hours. This was like medicine to me.
And as I finished school and held the paper in my hand that opened up the doors to the universities of the world to me, instead of studying, I started to follow my own path and plans again. Letting go of the schedule I once thought was made for me.

I was longing to find back the one thing I’ve been missing so much. And without knowing what I was going to find, I was searching. Searching for answers. Searching for truth. Questioning my values. And the values I have been given. Learning about body, mind and spirit in this society.
What am I here for and what is my task? Were the questions thriving my journey. For over three years I’ve been looking for the missing piece, for the heartbeat that felt so far away for to long.
Traveling, studying, training my senses. We’re on top of the list now. Reading, painting, walking, looking for my essence. And I found it up in the north. There I found my answer for now.

I found back the pulse of my life.

My journey is inviting you to let us find out what our pulse of life is telling us.  And what our missing heartbeat needs to come back into our every day life.

My journey takes us back to the nature we are

the direct line


insights and research on designing an alternative education, making a dream come true and exploring human nature.

Learn more about Dreamvalley

The place that took me on an adventure of making my own dreams come true.

Work With Me

We are all walking each other home

If you are interested in creating together or having me for an interview or workshop, please take contact. I am looking forward to bring our experiences together and reconnect our modern life with nature.

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