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This woman changed my life.

goodbye Tina

This woman has changed my life.

Thank you Tina Mareen Buddeberg.

I was a young woman searching for who I was and what I was here for, longing for stillness and reconnection to my nature heart, when I walked over the bridge to Dreamvalley in summer 2018.

Today – still a young woman – I hear a calling in my heart that connects me to an intuitive knowledge for what I came here for. And I am again standing in front of the bridge – this time not only walking my backpack over it – but my life for a new story to live my destiny.

Tina, you created a place that made my soul feel like coming home.

Your wisdom is with me, your horses taken care by strong wo*men with loving hearts.

It is an honor to continue your lifework and start a new chapter of the Dreamvalley you created with all your love.

For the more beautiful world, our hearts know is possible.

I love you my friend. In gratitude for what you handed over to me.