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Wintertime is handcrafting time

Have you ever wondered how I spend my wintertime?

When its dark and cold outside for month and you are basically locked up into the cozy house?

Here you get an insight.

The monotone, repetitive task for my hands helps me clear my mind and gives me a purpose.

It is kind of infectious too. So comes, that not only I have developed an addiction to this activity of knitting threads and creating individual nature-based clothing but many of the people visiting and living with me during time sooner or later get to try and often leave with a new skill and an individual handmade sweater for all kinds of weather.

Such as with many things in life: You turn to be very good at it, the more you consciously practice.

I have knitted about 20 pieces this winter that are accompanying their people now through their adventures or work in nature. And I have become quite confident with creating individual patterns – not following a book, but individually matching the character and taste of their human with colors and knitting.

My oldest sweaters are 14 years old by now, made of Icelandic wool and kind of grown up with me. They get a bit softer and slightly thinner over time, but they hold for so long, can be repaired anytime and are my most preferred clothing for being out in nature, working with animals and wood. The thick ones manage to keep you dry from pouring rain up to one hour and through the natural characteristic of the wool, they clean themselves through movement and fresh air even if they get dirty working with animals, gardening or woodworks.

You are welcome to check out the web shop below and have a look or place your personal order with me, if you want an individual piece as well!