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How places change people

and people change places

In memory of Tina, who brought the first Dreamvalley to life.

It is one thing to let go of a place.

Another to let go of a person and see how unstoppably a place changes through you taking over.

You recognize how powerfully places live through people. How unique you see them when they are someone else’s and how blurry sight can get, when you immerse yourself in it.

Creating places is a deeply vulnerable and personal process. You get to meet your shadows, your doubts, your beliefs and all the beautiful potential hiding in you. You learn how to take it into your hands and form it step by step.

You realize that creating a place asks everything from you. It consumes and swallows you until you no longer know who you are. All you do is taking care of that tiny piece of land and the few animals that got a hold on you.

Until you realize how the place is about to take care of you. How a home builds around you. How you attract wonderful supportive people.

Tina Mareen Buddeberg created Dreamvalley as a relational work of art over many years before she passed away.

I met her and her place first in 2018, only 2 years before she died. We shared 3 summers together, roaming the forests with the horses, working creative with sometimes impossible methods and having a lot of fun in our own little world. Tina was looking for someone to take over, someone she could trustfully know her animals with, in case there came a time where she could no longer take good care of them herself. She came to chose me – before I agreed and before she even asked me.

Thats how the biggest adventure of my life started in 2021. I followed my love for horses to further develop this beautiful, somehow lonely but connected place in the remote area of a national park between a riverbed and the forests. With a bridge that seems to connect places and worlds. Shining a light for people who dream of life close to nature.