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My Nature

What if this voice inside of me has always been right?

and what if I follow it?

There is this knowledge inside of me. A feeling of home. And I dedicate my life to make it count in this modern world we are living in.


Because I have been somewhere else & done something else.

I was bored and not at the right place.

Tried to fit in somewhere I didn’t belong.

Comfortable but not what I wanted.

So I set out for what I missed: Aliveness.

My Medicine

follow your intuition

break with expectations

trust luck, life or destiny to make you meet the right people & places at the right time

walk barefoot

breathe consciously

swim in cold water

get your hands dirty and live life simple

it comes when your heart is ready to carry it

and you do not need to believe in it to make it come true

it happens.

Elements of life




its a woven pattern