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Letter to Tina.

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It seems time flies by just like the snowflakes outside the window on this cold evening in the end of April.

Four weeks I am here now. Slowly growing into my new life and in some way feeling as if I have never done anything else.

My yes to come here was not a decision well considered. It was a matter of the heart. A feeling stronger than any doubt.

In many ways to me it seems like an agreement, made long time ago.

An agreement between two souls, not meant to spend much time with each other, but made to reach one another a hand in this same dream around living a life with animals connected to nature.

This letter is going to Tina.

Tina Mareen Buddeberg, I barely knew you. Only fragments of your story, a glimpse behind your heartwarming smile and some few moments we shared together compared to a lifetime.

And now I am here, your work in my hands. Sometimes feeling like the granddaughter you never had. Talking to you between the worlds, taking care of the most loved thing you had in your life and slowly finding out about your story and who you might have been.

Our time together was short.

In the first summer I woke up.

In the second you tested me.

And in the third we agreed on creating together.

When you felt I was ready, you left without much talking and my life suddenly got a new direction.

There is so much I don’t know about you, about this place, about life up north, but much more than being overwhelmed by this task, I somehow feel your protecting hands around me and this place. Your hands – one of the things I will always remember about you. 

And one of the things I will put on by taking this place over to become my Dreamvalley. 

There is something about dreams and some other thing about reality.

You gave a purpose to my life that brings my dreams down to earth and dresses them in reality – which is not always easy to handle, but Tina, it is the best thing that could have happened to me. 

And I know you knew that.