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Join Me

Pioneer program at Dreamvalley

our first program uniting your individual process and life in nature

Find clarity in nature

Dreamvalley is the place for you to grow yourself

As young people in a changing world we are redefining values and challenged to find our place. Often between expectations from society and our own dreams.

We are facing questions like: who am I? what am I here for? and what do I really want? And still not finding anyone who can give us an answer.

We grow up and meet life. It sometimes has other plans than we expected and there the adventure starts. 

If you are one of those seekers, wanting to know more about how to live a good life in these changing times, I am here to ask you:

What if ?

This years dates: 12. September – 09. October

There is this place where nature lives and where a mind can calm down.

I want to meet you there. And bring out the dream & confidence that you are made for.

Let us explore
the little things
that make life worth living.

How we work

The simple style

invest into yourself.

You are ready to take your life in your own hands. Heading to find BALANCE between the extremes & do research on the NATURAL INTELLIGENCE you are born with.

Because working in NATURE, with a TEAM, having a PURPOSE is making the complicated life in your head simple through realizing the power of your hands.

The way you do one thing, you do everything.

That’s why I take you outside.

Chop wood, compost muck, carry trees, work with partner and alone and make an experiential impact on the environment you are living in.


What makes “JOIN ME” the project closest to my heart

Where it goes

2018 I set my foot on a bridge and felt like coming home. For the first time in my life. It was like my soul experienced peace in an environment of nature she has been longing for.

After searching and erring, not knowing what I should do or where I belong, I found a place that united my needs.

With Dreamvalley and “Join Me” my dream of offering you a place to learn and grow in nature comes true. 

How it started

I always wanted to become a teacher. Working with young people, passing on knowledge and creating a space where we get out the best in us. 

But when I left school I faced a huge resistance on going back into the system I came from. So I tried it another way.

I visited different educations and schools. Started , broke some of them up again. Mentalcoaching, energywork, spirituality, psychology, animal health, hooftrimming, personal development, hypnosis and public speaking were part of my formation. 

With everything I did, I tried to find a way to understand and work with the sensitive perception I have. Searching for a solution and a good way to live with it.

Thats when I met a place and everything made sense.

My life took me to the right people and places at the right time. With Dreamvalley & Join Me —

I want to pass some of that luck onwards to your way.

My call for you

I want to work with 3 young people

who want to set out on a four-weeks journey with me at Dreamvalley and who are ready to invest into their personal development.

Become part of creating this place.

Dates and application

12. September – 09. October 2022

You send me a short message with your motivation: Why you want to be part of JOIN ME in spring or in autumn. Then follows a short call to get to know us and be sure we have a good match. And then you walk over the bridge to Dreamvalley.

What Dreamvalley gives you

  • A simple lifestyle in nature.

  • Space to breathe, calm down and reconnect with what you want for your life.

  • Purposeful exercises and guidance through a whole-body-mind experience up in northern nature.

  • Development and training of simple skills that empower everyday life.

Let us bring out what has always been there

Take a look into the Dreamvalley gallery

Have a look at what is waiting for you

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me any time.
I will get back to you as soon as I can!


and help finance the stay of young people at Dreamvalley