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General Terms and Conditions

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Vivienne Amrein Nature Insight Norway
in the following Nature Insight Norway


  • These cover all activities of VIVIENNE AMREIN NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY (hereinafter referred to as NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY), such as courses, workshops, consultations, retreats, stays, online courses, community events, etc. and/or unnamed contract conclusions, which are in connection with said business activities.

    NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY primarily provides fee-based services in the area of self-discovery and personality development in nature. These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to the purchase of any services by Participants obtained in any way (by telephone, email, internet, mobile, etc.) from NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY. Participant is any natural or legal person who uses services provided by NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY or who has registered with the service provider to receive such services. By using one or more services, the participant irrevocably agrees to the application of these GTC. Our GTCs also apply in full and in addition/differently to courses or retreats abroad.


  • 2.1 The following general terms and conditions apply to all offers, including retreats and stays. These terms and conditions are deemed to be legally binding and accepted by the course participant at the latest with the binding registration/payment.

  • 2.2 Amendments to these general terms and conditions are excluded in principle and, in the case of deviating special agreements, shall only be valid if they have been agreed in writing.

    Any amendments to the terms and conditions agreed in this way shall in any case only be valid for the respective legal transaction, expressly not for subsequent transactions or new registrations.


  • The services include the implementation and organization of retreats, courses, workshops, events, stays, consultations and lectures at home and abroad.


  • 4.1 The current costs for retreats, stays etc. can be found at, on brochures, flyers and social media or will be sent in writing upon request.

  • 4.2 Registrations for all offers are legally binding upon their deposit by e-mail, online payment. Registrations made by telephone will be confirmed by email. Upon receipt of the confirmation email from the participant, these registrations are also legally binding and can be invoiced. After we have received the registration and payment, we will send a confirmation email to the participants.


  • 5.1 Retreats or stays If a participant is unable to attend a retreat or stay, he/she always has the option of finding a substitute. This must be done with written notification and agreement from NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY by email, stating the name/first name and email address of the replacement person.

    Cancellations must be made in writing until 14 days before arrival. The deposit can not be refunded. In case of cancellation, closer to arrival than 14 days, the whole price will be charged.

    In the event of absence (illness, work commitments, other reasons) or cancellation of the retreat or stay, there is no entitlement to a reduction or refund.


  • 6.1 By paying NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY’s offer the participant accepts our General Terms and Conditions and confirms that participation in NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY’s offer has no health concerns. For all retreats, workshops, events, stays, individual sessions, self-responsibility and normal mental and physical resilience and condition are required. In the case of acute physical or psychological problems, it should be clarified with a doctor beforehand whether participation is advisable at this time. Our offers can have a healing effect on physical, mental and psychological well-being. However, they do not constitute medical or psychotherapeutic treatments.

  • 6.2 Each participant takes part in our offer on his/her own responsibility, so that it is also at the discretion of the respective participant to seek medical advice before taking part in the courses/events/workshops. Should a participant have doubts about his/her health or mental fitness to participate, it is recommended that he/she seek appropriate professional advice before booking.


  • 7.1 The organizer NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY, as well as the teachers, assume liability for the proper execution of the retreats/events/workshops/stay/online courses within the framework of the legal warranty provisions. Any liability beyond this, in particular under the title of compensation for damages, is expressly excluded. The organizers therefore accept no liability whatsoever, in particular no liability in the event of concealment of any physical or mental ailments which make participation in the retreats/events/workshops/stay/online courses appear inadvisable.

    The retreat management reserves the right to refuse participants if the retreat management is of the opinion that the health or psychological requirements for participation in the course are not met. This refusal can also be made at short notice or even during ongoing courses. In the event of the participant’s refusal, the course fee will be refunded to the participant (on a pro rata basis).

  • 7.2 The use of the course area and the handling of animals and nature is at the participants’ own risk. No liability is accepted for valuables brought by participants.

  • 7.3 For all courses organised by Wake up! & Change (Schweiz) GmbH as well as online offers, we exclude any liability for damages incurred. You are therefore responsible for ensuring that you have adequate insurance cover. Wake up! & Change (Switzerland) GmbH cannot be held responsible for theft or loss of items. & Change (Switzerland) GmbH cannot be held liable for theft or loss of items.


  • 8.1 Registration and booking Registration via email to: [email protected]. Once we have received the registration, the participant can pay for the stay/retreat via the webshop. The registration is binding and obliges payment. Non-payment is not considered as cancellation.

  • 8.2 Cancellation conditions/cancellation fees In case of a cancellation, the following cancellation costs will be charged: up to 14 days before start the deposit will be charged for events at Dreamvalley and NOK 5000 for retreats abroad. In the event of cancellation at a later date, a refund of the total costs is excluded. The participant has the possibility to name a substitute participant. This must be done at the same time as the cancellation. A handling fee of NOK 1000.- will be charged as well as any rebooking costs.

  • 8.3 Changes to the program The program as well as changes to individual services (accommodation, retreat instructor, means of transport) due to unforeseeable circumstances or safety reasons are expressly reserved and are hereby accepted by the client. In this case, any additional costs shall be borne by the participant. NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY will endeavour to offer equivalent substitute services.

  • 8.4 Entry formalities Passport or identity card must be valid at least until the date of return. Citizens of other countries are advised to check with the consulate or embassy of the country of entry for entry formalities. We recommend ensuring that the passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond the return date. Compliance with entry requirements is the responsibility of the client. Please note that NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY will not accept any liability for non-compliance with regulations and the associated expenses, e.g. in the event of refused entry. We kindly ask you to inform yourself about any changes in the regulations until your departure.

  • 8.5 Price changes/adjustments In exceptional cases, the agreed price may have to be increased. Price increases may result from the following reasons:

    – government-imposed price increases (e.g. value added tax)

    – changes in exchange rates

    If NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY has to change the prices for the reasons mentioned, this price increase will be communicated at the latest 3 weeks before departure. If the price increase is more than 10%, the participants have the right to withdraw from the contract free of charge within 5 days of receipt of this notification.

  • 8.6 Retreat/stay cancellations by NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY We reserve the right to cancel a trip at short notice due to force majeure, pandemic, official measures or strikes. A retreat/stay may also be cancelled up to 30 days before beginning if the minimum number of participants is not reached. In this case, the paid retreat/stay price will be refunded in full. No further claims can be made.

  • 8.7 Early termination of the retreat/stay by the participant If the participant has to cancel the retreat/stay prematurely for any reason, the price of the retreat/stay arrangement will not be refunded. The retreat/stay or course management will assist with the organisation of the early return journey as far as possible. Any additional costs will be borne by the participant.

  • 8.8 Liability The liability of NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY is limited in any case to the amount and scope of the agreed offer and covers only the direct damage. NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY shall compensate for the loss of agreed services insofar as it was not possible to provide an equivalent replacement service. NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY shall not be liable if the non-fulfilment or improper fulfilment of the contract is due to the following causes:

    – to omission on the part of the participants before or during the trip

    – to unforeseeable or unavoidable failures of a third party not involved in the provision of the contractually agreed service

    – to force majeure or to an event which Wake up! & Change, the agent or the service provider could not foresee or avert despite due care.

  • 8.9 Personal and health requirements Good health and a stable mental condition are required for the trips. The participant participates on his/her own responsibility and undertakes to inform the course management of any physical and/or mental impairments. If necessary, he/she will seek the advice of an appropriate doctor or psychotherapist before participating. If a participant does not meet the physical or psychological requirements, the tour leader may exclude the participant from the tour or further travel. Return travel costs etc. are at the participant’s expense and the travel price paid cannot be refunded.

  • 8.10 Travel insurance Insurance is the responsibility of the participant in all respects. We advise each participant to take out the following insurances: Travel cancellation insurance, health and accident insurance.

  • 8.11 General insurance conditions For all events organized by NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY, we exclude any liability for damages incurred. You are therefore responsible for ensuring that you have adequate insurance cover. NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY cannot be held liable for theft or loss of items. In any case, it is the responsibility of the participants in their country of domicile to have sufficient health and accident insurance with coverage at home and abroad.

  • 8.12 Program and price changes We reserve the right to make changes to the programme and prices as well as to the General Terms and Conditions.


  • 9.1 The place of performance of all obligations shall be the registered single company Vivienne Amrein Nature Insight Norway, Finnstadveien 492, 2477 Sollia, Norway. The place of performance is therefore Dreamvalley Nordre Finstad, Norway.

  • 9.2 Should individual partial provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, as well as any individual contracts to be concluded, be or become void, ineffective or contestable, the remaining (partial) provisions shall remain unaffected and shall then be interpreted or supplemented in such a way that the intended economic purpose is achieved as closely as possible in legal terms.

  • 9.3 Verbal collateral agreements shall not be made. Amendments and supplements to these GTC’s and all membership contracts must be made in writing.


  • The course management undertakes to treat personal data and information confidentially and not to pass it on to third parties. Excepted from this is the passing on of data to employees and business partners for organizational reasons. Likewise, the participant undertakes to treat information about other course participants confidentially.


  • The website contains links to other websites.

    NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY has no influence on the content of other websites and on their operators’ compliance with data protection regulations.


  • NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY uses photos of events on its own website or on social media in which participants can be recognised. Should this happen against the will of a person, he/she can ask NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY to remove his/her person from the picture. Further and own claims cannot be asserted.


  • © VIVIENNE AMREIN NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY. All pages enjoy copyright protection. Imitations of any kind constitute an infringement of copyright and will be prosecuted and liable to damages.

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    NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY does not guarantee the correctness and completeness of the contents. No guarantee is given and no assurance of product characteristics is made. No legal claims can be derived from the contents of the internet pages. Errors in the content will be corrected immediately upon knowledge thereof. Links to other websites are not checked regularly. We are grateful for any information about errors on our website.

    NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY accepts no responsibility for the content of linked sites !!!


  • NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY does not guarantee the accuracy of data and software that can be downloaded from the web pages. The software we use is checked for viruses. Nevertheless, we recommend that you check data and software for viruses after downloading using the latest virus search software.


  • The content of this website is protected by copyright. One copy of the information on the website may be stored on a single computer for non-commercial and personal internal use. Graphics, texts, logos, pictures etc. may only be downloaded, reproduced, copied, changed, published, sent, transmitted or used in any other form with the written permission of NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY. The product and company names mentioned may be registered trademarks or brands. Unauthorised use may lead to claims for damages and injunctive relief.


  • NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY treats all private data of customers with respect and confidentiality. However, no guarantee can be given that these will not be “hacked” and stolen by third parties.


  • NATURE INSIGHT NORWAY is not liable for damages, especially not for direct or indirect consequential damages, loss of data, loss of profit, system or production failures, which result from the use of these web pages or the downloading of data. The exclusion of liability shall not apply in the event of damage caused by the use of the web pages or the downloading of data due to intent or gross negligence. The legal relationship between you and down to earth arising from the use of the web pages is subject to Swiss law.


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