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Our horses

The heart of Dreamvalley


Icelandic, 24

Believe in your inner strength and beauty. You are the only one who can limit your greatness. Herd is everything.


Icelandic, 26

No matter how high you wanna fly, always remember to stay grounded, with both feet on earth and heart in the right place.


Arab, 18

Always be authentic and yourself. Don’t even try to fit in. You are unique.


Icelandic, 14

Be young wild, free and beautiful. Life is a gift. And you are always clever to find a solution.


Norwegian Sportspony, 3


in our memories 1994-2023

Life is full of wonders. Be mindful and trust yourself. It is all inside of you.


in our memories

Observe carefully and decide wisely. Always stay true to yourself. No compromises.

Our cats

The keepers of house and yard


Let it flow when it comes through you. No matter what they say or how they look at you.


The essence of life is being. Practice that.


Hold your wisdom, know your space. Time follows its own rules.

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We are a young team of creators.

Every dream starts with a single step

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