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uniting human being and nature awareness

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This is Dreamvalley
a place where dreams come down to earth

Dreamvalley is located on a remote farm near the Rondane mountains of Norway. Dreamvalley’s story started many years back when it was created as a relational work of art by Tina Mareen Buddeberg. A woman who never gave up on making her dreams come true.

In 2021 Vivienne took over the place to make the spirit around Dreamvalley live on. Today, Dreamvalley is the home of creative people who live, work and create from here.

Dreamvalley is a simple place in nature, where we make our firewood by hand and live close together with animals and the seasons.

Dreamvalley is showing life from a raw, grounded and original side. It makes you fully alive, reliefs the fake and leaves you to what really matters – your instincts and intuition.

Or how Tina used to say it:

Get real and always believe in miracles.
A living piece of art, designed by horses, human and nature

A place to reconnect with who you are and what you came here for.

Nature knows so much more about life than we are aware of.

Let us explore.
Let us experiment.
And find back the medicine of simple life.

The Story

A love for horses

and a dream handed on between generations.

Our Values

Reconnect with the nature you are.

A place to live

Dreamvalley is the home of creative people working remotely. If you are interested in spending a longer time at Dreamvalley, working from here, please take contact.

A place to dream

We are spending 2023 in building up this place and making renovation works on our old buildings. As well as we offer individual retreat stays for “people who work with people” and head for a special place to recharge in nature. Something for you?

A place to learn

Dreamvalley will always tell a simple story. And my love for horses made this place become an anchor point on the journey to take an alternative way of education. On Patreon you can support this project.

Living & Creating at Dreamvalley

Living at Dreamvalley has the power to change your life. Over several month during winter time, it is possible to live here. You either follow your own work online or create. With simple tasks you are connected and involved to the daily farm life.

There comes a time to be out in the woods with a herd of animals, reducing to the essentials.

You can now send me your personal request for the coming wintertime!


Behind every dream there is a creating heart

The heart of Dreamvalley is a herd of five horses. They take us right into their world and structure the daily Dreamvalley life purpose and routine.

Get to know more about the people connected to this place.

Media and articles


Far we went

Tinas Dreamvalley

Experience Dreamvalley

Regular spring visit

Changing winter time

Web Documentary

Impressions of Dreamvalley

Living in nature is rough and it holds a lot of beauty. In this gallery you find a collection of marvel-moments on the farm and in her surroundings – taken by individual photographers.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me.
I will get back to you as soon as I can!