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uniting human being and nature awareness

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This is Dreamvalley
a place where dreams come down to earth

A little farm from the 18th century, a herd of horses and a hand full of people who are passionate about life close to nature make this place alive.

Dreamvalley is a simple place in nature, where we make our firewood by hand and live close together with animals and the seasons.

Dreamvalley is showing life from a raw, grounded and original side. It makes you fully alive, reliefs the fake and leaves you to what really matters – your instincts and intuition. Our purpose:

Get real and take life into your own hands.
Dreamvalley is

A place to reconnect with who you are and what you came here for.

Nature knows so much more about life than we are aware of.

Let us wake up.
Let us experience.
And find back the medicine of simple life.

Our Values

Reconnect with the nature you are.

A place to live

By joining one of our seminars, you will dive into the nature connected simple lifestyle at Dreamvalley, that enhances your feeling of aliveness by making everyday life the real one. Making your own fire and prepping food, discovering nature and soaking in the view of wide open spaces.

I want your heart to beat again. For the everyday life.

A place to dream

In the rawness of Dreamvalley through repetitive activities like wood chopping, walking or knitting, you get to relax and reconnect with the real deal of why you are here and what you want to serve in your life.

A place to learn

At the chore of my heart I am in love with nature and our human life that creates with it. Through my horses I study the laws of nature and continuously collect material to pass on in my upcoming school Nature Insight.

Coming soon

The offer to my first intense 4 day winter-retreat in January 2024.

When your inner voice starts calling, go out into the woods, be silent and listen.

You can already send me a personal message, if you are interested. The experience will be guided in german.


We are all walking each other home

Dreamvalley is my home and place of research & creation.

The heart of Dreamvalley is my herd of five horses, while the 3 cats guard the warm fireplaces.



Get inspired by Dreamvalley

In this gallery you find a collection of marvel-moments on the farm and in her surroundings – taken by individual photographers.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me.
I will get back to you as soon as I can!