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Uniting human being and nature awareness

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Living with animals connected to nature

Dreamvalley is located on a remote farm near the Rondane mountains of Norway. Since 2021 Dreamvalley is growing an authentic work and retreat place through the guidance of Vivienne Amrein.

Dreamvalley is a family structured place of living in the heart of rough Norwegian nature.

It inspires people all over the world to take their dreams into their hands and create the place they want to live at.

Together with NATURE INSIGHT, Dreamvalley contributes to promote knowledge about simple living, handcrafting and a holistic world view.

Dreamvalley is not just a place – it is a liefestyle.
designed by horses, human and nature

A place where you can reconnect with the basic cycles you are part of.

Feet on earth, hands at work and soul alive.

Feet on earth, hands at work and soul alive.

The Story of Dreamvalley

Two women living their dream.


For people who work with people.


For creators who want to be part of making this place a special one.


For people who work with people.


To inspire and empower people creating their own dreams wherever they are.

Get real and


The journey you never regret is the one you make

    The Team & The Herd

    Dreamvalley gathers people for a unique experience with horses in nature.

    The heart of Dreamvalley is my herd of six horses. They take us right into their world and structure the daily Dreamvalley life purpose and routine.

    You can get to know and work with us in our seminars, online or as a creating student.

    Behind every dream there is a creating heart


    help dreamvalley grow

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    Get an insight into our life and projects at Dreamvalley. 

    See our photography

    Living in nature is rough and it holds a lot of beauty. In this gallery you find a collection of marvel-moments on the farm and in her surroundings.

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